Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Underrated Prospects Who Could Debut In 2024

The Pirates could see these three underrated prospects reach the bigs in 2024.
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Some of the Pittsburgh Pirates best regarded and most popular prospects could debut in 2024, but they also have some that could reach the big leagues despite being relatively unknown

Paul Skenes will not just be one of the most hyped Pittsburgh Pirates' debuts but one of the most hyped debuts in all of baseball next season. Pirates fans will also look forward to others like Jared Jones and Anthony Solometo. Even Thomas Harrington and Bubba Chandler could conceivably at least make their debuts late into the season this year, especially if they pitch anything like they did last year.

But not every prospect that will debut is going to be as hyped up or as well known as them. Every prospect who debuted in 2023 wasn't Henry Davis or Endy Rodriguez. Plenty of more underrated Pirates prospects will definitely see the big leagues for at least one game next season. Not all of them will start 15 games or come to the plate 300+ times, but they have a chance to at least see their first game in the Majors in 2024.