Pittsburgh Pirates: Three Unranked Prospects Fan Should Know About

Let's look at thee unranked Pirates prospects fans should know about.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have plenty of prospects who are appearing on rankings and lists, but here are some unranked names you should know about

Pittsburgh Pirates fans likely know about Paul Skenes, Termarr Johnson, Anthony Solometo, and Jared Jones. Not only are they the best prospects in the Pirates’ system, but rank as some of the best prospects in baseball. All four are now seen on most top 100 lists. Even then, you’ve been living under a rock if you are a Pirates fan and haven’t heard of Thomas Harrington, Bubba Chandler, or Malcolm Nuñez.

FanGraphs currently has 45 prospects ranked on their Pirates’ top prospect list. MLB Pipeline has their typical top 30 for every team. But there are still other players outside both lists that deserve some recognition. Today, I want to look at a few Pirates prospects who are unranked, but fans should know about.