Pittsburgh Pirates: Top Prospects like Henry Davis Not Being Rewarded

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates
Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates / G Fiume/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates are in the midst of a pretty difficult stretch where they have won only 1 game out of their last 8. The biggest deficit the team has dealt with has been in regard to their offense. They have only scored 10 runs in those 8 games. The team's defense has been very poor as well, but the team's offense went from one of the best in Baseball to one of the worst.

Yet, the Pittsburgh Pirates Front Office is still playing around with giving this team a chance to win. Yes, they spent more money this past offseason. Yes, they have made some deals that have produced young, Big League players who are helping. But, the fact remains the team is still dancing around what should be the best 26-man roster.

Last year, Major League Baseball installed the designated hitter as a universal rule. While this was a positive for many teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates have not had as much success. The main issue is that while the pitcher is now out of the lineup, the Bucs still have a player who is hitting like one in Austin Hedges. The idea of Austin Hedges is great, the experience he brings to the pitching staff, his game calling, and his pitching framing, that is all fine. He cannot hit, his OPS on the year is at .426, a number that many players slug across the League.