Pittsburgh Pirates: Two Pitcher Bounce Back/Break Outs Vital to Team's 2024 Success

These two pitchers breaking out will be huge in the Pirates' 2024 success.
Oakland Athletics v Pittsburgh Pirates
Oakland Athletics v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates need these two pitchers to bounce back and break out in 2024, as they could be vital to the team's success

The Pittsburgh Pirates are relying a lot on their young arms to carry the pitching staff, for better or for worse. They have a lot of top prospect pitchers who could be in the rotation even as soon as the All-Star break, including Paul Skenes, Jared Jones, Anthony Solometo, and Mike Burrows. Others like Thomas Harrington and Bubba Chandler could at least make their debuts.

But the Pirates have a handful of other young pitchers, many of whom have time spent in Major League Baseball. Although they may not have looked great in 2023, they're still young, and it would be foolish to give up on them now. They'll likely be important to the Pirates' success in 2024 if they can break out or rebound.