Pittsburgh Pirates: Two Potential Early Season Trade Candidates to Avoid

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates
Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates should avoid these two potential early season trade candidates in the event they would have the opportunity to acquire them

The end of Spring Training means that teams are going to have to cut players from their rosters. Guys are going to be optioned to the minor leagues, and those who are out of options will be DFA'd. The other alternative for teams who have DFA'd players is to try and trade them.

Some of these players are simply roster filler, but others do come with some intrigue. The ones who do come with some intrigue are players that should be avoided in a trade. Although the Pittsburgh Pirates don't seem like they're currently open to making any notable early-season trades, there are certainly some guys the Pirates should avoid if a team comes knocking or if said team is still listening in on calls about them. The only time it might be okay is if the Pirates are giving up a Quad-A depth-type player.