Pittsburgh Pirates: Under-the-Radar Pitchers to Target in Free Agency

The Pittsburgh Pirates face a crucial off-season, and securing these five pitchers is imperative if they aspire to transform into contenders.
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No. 5 Michael Lorenzen

Michael Lorenzen was a huge trade deadline acquisition for the Phillies, but he struggled massively with them after throwing a no-hitter and was left on the postseason roster. Lorenzen could be a steal as he has the potential to have a massive 2024 campaign after starting the 2023 season off well with the Detroit Tigers, which included him being selected for the All-Star Game.

So far, Lorenzen's career has spanned nine seasons with the Reds, Angels, Tigers, and Phillies. At times he shows his potential to be part of any team's starting rotation, but then at other times, he isn't even close to league average.

Lorenzen's career has never really gotten the chance to thrive with any team as the Reds decided to use him more as a reliever, and once he finally turned into a starter with the Angels in 2022, he struggled. But in 2023, he emerged as a viable starting pitcher with the Tigers. With less pressure on him, he could be a breakout candidate for the Pirates, who need a good inning-eating pitcher, which is what Lorenzen can be.