Pittsburgh Pirates: Vince Velasquez in a Groove and More Takeaways From Series Victory in Washington D.C.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Washington Nationals
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Johan Oviedo and his 1st inning struggles

Young righty Johan Oviedo has shown plenty of promise since joining the Pirates last year. Outside of his poor start in the series finale loss Oviedo has pitched extremely well so far this season, picking up where he left off at last September.

However, there is one issue that has been plaguing Oviedo this season. That issue would rear its ugly head in his poor start on Sunday. What is that issue? Struggling in the 1st inning of starts.

Entering Sunday's contest Oviedo owned a 9.00 ERA in the 1st inning this season. Oviedo had allowed a .700 slugging percentage and a .304 on-base percentage in the 1st inning. These numbers only worsened after he allowed 2 runs on three hits, including a double, in Sunday's 1st inning.

Oviedo has allowed 17 earned runs this season, 7 of them have come in the 1st inning. He now has a 10.50 ERA in the 1st inning of starts this season, and a 3.46 ERA in his other 26 innings pitched. Also, all three home runs he's allowed this season came in the 1st inning.

Oviedo's start on Sunday had many more issues than just a poor 1st inning. However, moving forward, that is an issue that needs addressed. If Oviedo is going to continue to have a strong first full MLB season, he can not continue to regularly put himself and the team in a 1st inning hole.