Pittsburgh Pirates: Vital Offseason Ahead, Five Players to Target in Free Agency

Hopefully, the Pirates can secure some of these players in free agency to help with their chances to compete in 2024
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Could pursuing these players in free agency help the Pittsburgh Pirates in their quest to compete for the postseason in 2024?

This offseaosn will be a vital one for general manager Ben Cherington and the Pittsburgh Pirates. It will be year five at the helm for Cherington and it will be time to attempt to compete. Adding these players in free agency could help the Pirates in their attempt to compete.

No. 1 Joey Gallo

Joey Gallo is a very versatile player. He is capable of playing outfield, first and third base, along with serving as a designated hitter (DH). His 2023 performance has been challenging due to a batting average of .176 in 106 games. His exceptional power and gold glove-worthy outfield ability remain intact. Acquiring him within the $5-10 million dollar range could represent a significant deal. His ability to play multiple positions could make a possible contract less risky, especially if he can make a successful comeback.