Pittsburgh Pirates: Vital Offseason Ahead, Five Players to Target in Free Agency

Hopefully, the Pirates can secure some of these players in free agency to help with their chances to compete in 2024
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No. 4 Martin Perez

Martin Perez has struggled in the 2023 season with the Texas Rangers, primarily due to his starting rotation spot changing multiple times, possibly leading to a 4.84 ERA. His potential was shown in 2022 when he achieved a 12-8 record with a 2.89 ERA. Subsequently, he entered free agency, but due to limited demand, he decided to accept the Rangers' Qualifying offer of $19,650,000.

While Perez has struggled with an increased hit rate and a rise in home runs, his control remains steady, maintaining a consistent walk rate. However, it's worth noting that his strikeout rate has declined from 7.7 last season to 5.6 this season. He's been hit more this year, with a hit rate of 10.1 compared to 8.2 last season.

At 32 years old, if you can secure him on a reasonable contract, Perez could potentially serve as a valuable option for 2-3 years. His experience and ability to pitch far into games could help a team wanting to make the postseason.