Pittsburgh Pirates: Waiting on the Official Addition of Martin Pérez

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are encountering delays in officially adding pitcher Martin Pérez to their 40-man roster. While the reasons for the delay remain unclear, fans are left with speculation and questions about the situation. After all, the original deal was reported almost a week ago.

One possible factor contributing to the delay is Pérez's health history. The lefty has thrown more than 1400 innings in Major League Baseball. Overall he has not had a whole lot of health issues plague him during his career. He did undergo Tommy John Surgery in 2014, but outside of that, he has not spent any real time on the injured list. Still, the Pittsburgh Pirates are likely investigating his medicals as he enters his age 33 season. This is of course if he has even completed his physical yet.

There is also the chance that Pérez could be in his home country of Venezuela and planning to return after the holidays for a thorough physical examination. This has been seen in the past with players, especially for players from outside the United States. This could potentially explain the prolonged timeline for finalizing the roster move.

Complicating matters further is the need for the Pittsburgh Pirates to clear a spot on the 40-man roster to accommodate the addition of Pérez.

The addition of the veteran would put the roster at 41, so it is somewhat curious that no move has been made. Rumors circulate regarding a potential move, with hints from insiders suggesting a potential acquisition of another pitcher. Jason Mackey gave this tidbit as well

General Manager Ben Cherington has expressed optimism about finalizing something substantial, leaving fans awaiting official confirmation. The extended process, considering Pérez signed almost a week ago, heightens anticipation among Pirates fans. So is the delay in adding Pérez to the roster because of a potential deal or not?

As we approach Christmas Eve, there's a possibility that Cherington is actively working to complete the speculated deal, a common practice for him around the holidays. Regardless, fans hope for clarity soon and a smooth addition of Pérez to the roster as the team prepares for the upcoming season. A big move would make many fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates happy this holiday season.