Pittsburgh Pirates: Way Too Early Look at Potential 2024 Draft Picks

Here's a way too early look at some potential 2024 draft picks.

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The 2023 MLB draft was not that long ago, and the 2024 draft is still about a year away, but who are some potential players the Pittsburgh Pirates could select?

The 2023 draft was not all that long ago. The Pittsburgh Pirates lucked themselves into the first overall pick because of the draft lottery, and used that pick to take Louisiana State University right-hander Paul Skenes, who then signed a record breaking $9.2 million signing bonus. They also selected some other players with talent, like Mitch Jebb and Zander Mueth.

The 2024 draft, however, is still just under a year away. Of course, a lot could change by then. Every year, players lose and gain ground in prospect stock. Back in January, Chase Dollander, and not Paul Skenes, looked like the true number one pitcher, and maybe the best pitcher in the draft since Stephen Strasburg. Dollander ended up going 9th overall to the Colorado Rockies.

Plus now with the draft lottery, we won’t know where the Pirates are picking until the Winter Meetings. The Pirates could very well end up with the number one overall pick again. Their chances aren’t very likely, but it’s still possible. They could also be selecting like tenth overall. Last year, the Cincinnati Reds finished with one of the worst records in baseball, but the only ended up with the 7th overall pick.

There are still multiple factors to weigh, many of which are far from decided yet. But despite that, let’s take an extremely way too early look at some potential players that the Pirates might draft in 2024.