Pittsburgh Pirates: Way Too Early Look at Potential 2024 Draft Picks

Here's a way too early look at some potential 2024 draft picks.

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Tommy White

Tommy White made headlines in 2022 after his monstrous season at North Carolina State University. He then entered the transfer portal, and joined LSU, creating what was essentially the college version of the 1920s Yankees’ murderers’ row between him, Dylan Crews, Jared Jones, Gavin Dugas, and Cade Beloso. All had at least 14 home runs and an OPS 1.050 or higher.

Between his dominant season at NC State and LSU, White is a .368/.429/.740 college slasher. White hasn’t walked as much as Kurtz with an 8% walk rate, though he’s struck out less with a 15.8% strikeout rate. However, White has mashed the baseball to an unbelievable degree. He’s already hit 51 home runs in 576 college plate appearances. He has an isolated slugging percentage of .372.

White mostly played third base for LSU. However, he played more first base and DH for NC State. Although he might have a solid arm, the range limits his fielding prowess over at the hot corner. There’s always a risk when you take a guy who’s limited at his primary position in college already. But oh boy, the bat has been nothing short of fun to watch.

White may have the best hit+power tools in next year’s draft. You’d like to see him take a few more walks, however. An 8% walk rate isn’t terrible, especially considering he avoids strikeouts like the plague, but his overall offensive ceiling might be higher than Kurtz. Though his offensive floor might be a tad lower.