Pittsburgh Pirates: Way Too Early Look at Potential 2024 Draft Picks

Here's a way too early look at some potential 2024 draft picks.
Tommy White walks onto the field as the Tiger fans welcome the LSU Tigers Baseball team home at Alex
Tommy White walks onto the field as the Tiger fans welcome the LSU Tigers Baseball team home at Alex / SCOTT CLAUSE/USA TODAY Network / USA
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Jac Caglianone

Do you want a player with a Shohei Ohtani ceiling? Because if you do, Jac Caglianone is the guy to draft. The University of Florida DH/SP had an astounding season in his second season, with him and Wyatt Langford creating one of the deadliest 1-2 punches in college baseball. He also started a handful of games for Florida in their run to the College World Series.

As a batter, Caglianone slashed .323/.389/.738. Soley playing DH and LHP, Caglianone hit 33 dingers in 319 plate appearances. His isolated slugging percentage was over .400 at a monstrous .415 mark. Caglianone did not have a great walk rate, only drawing ball four at a 5.3% rate. His strikeout rate was also a tad high at 18.2%. But there aren’t many players who hit 30+ home runs and started at least a dozen games in college.

While Caglianone might have the potential to be the next Ohanti, his pitching prowess is far less refined. In 74.2 innings, Caglianone had a 4.34 ERA, 1.42 WHIP, and 1.58 K:BB ratio. While Caglianone only allowed six home runs and struck out 25.3% of opponents, he also had a horrendous 16.1% walk rate. The amount of free passes he regularly gave up bit him in the back more than once.

Caglianone has massive power potential, both at the plate and on the mound. He has plus-plus raw power from the left side of the dish, while also pumping mid-upper-90s heat. Though he’s currently suffering from many of the issues you typically see from big sluggers and hard throwers: mediocre command and some contact issues.

Caglianone could easily play himself into a top three draft spot. Next year will be a big year for the LHP/DH. If he starts to get his electric stuff under wraps, and makes better swing decisions, he could very well end up as one of the draft’s best players. Though as of right now, he’d probably only go top ten.