Pittsburgh Pirates: Yes, It is Okay To Enjoy This Team

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Pittsburgh Pirates
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Pittsburgh Pirates / Matt Brown/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Pirates are having the best start to a season in a long time. The last time the Pittsburgh Pirates had a respectable record was during the 2018 season. That team went on a winning streak heading into the Trade Deadline the positioned themselves to make a playoff push. Things did not work out, Chris Archer and what not.

However, there was a brief moment during that season where that Bucco Fever was alive in fans. No one was fully buying in, as the team had been trending in the wrong direction during the previous years. But, it was exciting to have good Baseball, fans were excited. Things did not work out for the 2018 Pirates, but would you as a fan take that in 2023?

The 2018 season led to the rapid decline of the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization. A decline that the team is still trying to work its way out of. However, things are looking up for the 2023 Pittsburgh Pirates, and this is not just the optomist in me.

What do we expect from the 2023 team long term? The win-total for the Bucs entering the season was anywhere between 65.5 and 67.5 wins. This team is currently 8 games over .500 and on pace for over 100 wins. So should skeptical fans buy into this team at this point?