Ranking 5 potential Pittsburgh Pirates outfield trade targets

The Pirates desperately need outfield help, and the outfield trade market should have some decent options. But who are the best and most likely trade targets the Pirates will go after?
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The Pittsburgh Pirates' offense has been awful this year. They need an upgrade, with much of their worst production coming from the outfield. Bryan Reynolds has been the only outfielder to produce anything consistently with the bat. Jack Suwinski and Michael A. Taylor entered the year as potential power threats, but have fallen very short of expectations. Edward Olivares also hasn't been the batter many were expecting when the Pirates acquired him from the Royals after two solid seasons in Kansas City.

Luckily, the trade market for outfielders this July could be pretty active. The Pirates will definitely have a chance to improve their outfield and offense overall via the trade market. So far, they've acted like they're willing to move pitching prospects in order to improve the major league team, and I, for one, am optimistic they do at least something to make the lineup and outfield better. 

That means it's time to assess their potential trade targets. Performance is only one of the multiple factors in this ranking. We're also considering years of control left on the player's contract, the cost in terms of prospects it would take to acquire them, and what we deem as the overall likelihood the Pirates would acquire the player. Finally, this ranking will also take into consideration how available that player will be at the trade deadline. This list is also ranked from best and/or most likely to worst/least likely.

Pirates Trade Deadline Outfield Targets, Ranked