Ranking Every Pittsburgh Pirates Hall Of Famer Player

The Pirates have 12 players in Cooperstown, but how do they rank compared to each other?
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have 12 players in the National Baseball Hall Of Fame, but how do they rank when compared to each other?

The newest Hall of Fame class was announced Tuesday evening, including Joe Mauer, Todd Helton, and Adrian Beltre. The Veterans Committee voted legendary Pittsburgh Pirates manager Jim Leyland into the Hall this year. The Pirates have a long franchise history with a handful of players in the Hall of Fame.

What I want to do is rank the Pirates’ Hall of Fame players. So, while a handful of coaches and executives were part of the Pirates in the Hall, I am only looking at players. I am also exclusively looking at players who have a Pittsburgh Pirates’ (or Pirates-related team) ball cap on their plaque. So, for example, while both Rich Gossage and Bert Blyleven had stints with the Pirates, they are wearing a New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins cap on their plaques, respectively. In total, there are a dozen Pirates players in the Hall.

I am taking everything I possibly can into account. bWAR isn’t the be-all and end-all, but career numbers, including counting numbers, as well as other rate statistics, will play a role in my decisions. Accolades, such as All-Star games, MVPs, Gold Gloves, and Silver Sluggers, will take more of a back seat as, for many, some of these awards did not exist when they played.