Ranking Every Pittsburgh Pirates Hall Of Famer Player

The Pirates have 12 players in Cooperstown, but how do they rank compared to each other?
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Pie Traynor
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Pie Traynor (1948)

Next on our list is the third baseman, Pie Traynor. The Pirates selected Traynor’s contract out of the Virginia League in September of 1920. By 1922, Traynor was the team’s regular third baseman and would play there up through his age-35 season in 1934. Taynor would then become a player-coach in 1935 before playing his final game in 1937.

For Traynor’s career, the third baseman was a .320/.362/.435 batter with a 107 OPS+. He racked up a total of 2416 hits while also having 371 doubles. Traynor is just one of 32 third basemen of all-time with at least 370 two-baggers. However, he is the all-time leader in triples among his peers at his position. He had some underrated speed, swiping double-digit bags in seven different seasons.

Traynor was a good defensive third baseman for his time. His average range factor per game was +3.18, with the league average throughout his years being +2.96. His fielding percentage of .947 was league average for third basemen, but third base typically has the lowest league-wide fielding percentage.

Traynor ended his career at +38.7 bWAR, placing him slightly above Mazeroski. He may have had fewer total hits than Waner, but he also had a ton more extra-base hits. After all, he is the all-time 3B triple leader. Traynor made it to Cooperstown with 76.9% of the votes in 1948.