Rum Bunter Pittsburgh Pirates Mock Draft 2.0

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After creating a three-round mock draft for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the early spring, let's now look at a potential five-round mock draft as we head into the summer.

Before the 2023 college season commenced, I wrote an article with my five-round mock draft for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It should be an exciting draft once again, as the Pirates have the number one pick in the first round. With the new lottery system, however, the Pirates will have the number three pick in the rest of the draft. They will also have a competitive balance pick between rounds two and three.

However, now that we're into June, it won't be long until the draft is underway. After nearly a full college season and a good long look at some of the players who will be in this year's draft, I want to do a 2.0 mock draft, including the first five rounds, once again. I am basing it on a few things. The first is prospect rankings. The primary sources I am using for this are Baseball America, MLB Pipeline, and Future Star Series, which is written by Joe Doyle (formerly of Prospects Live). The second criteria is who I think the Pirates will take. I wouldn't be surprised if they put a focus on pitchers and outfielders early in the draft. The third criteria I am considering is who I think the Pirates should take. Who I think the Pirates should take vs. who I think the Pirates will take can be two very different things. Finally, you also have to take into consideration slot values potentially.