Rum Bunter Radio: Mitch Keller extended! Yasmani Grandal signs with the Pirates, & more

Atlanta Braves v Pittsburgh Pirates
Atlanta Braves v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

On this episode of Rum Bunter Radio the crew is back to break down the 5-year contract extension for Mitch Keller and more. Give it a listen!

What led to the 5-year, $77 million contract between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Keller? How much does this affect offseason grades for the front office? Keller, 27 years old, has a career ERA of 4.21, pitching in 32 games in 2023, the Cedar Rapids, Iowa native is primed for a major 2024 campaign after a successful two year run.

It was also announced on Thursday that Keller will once again take the ball on Opening Day for the Pirates.

Is there any reason for concern, although, over the Pirates offer of 77 million? Keller at one point appeared to be another in a long line of Pirates' "busts". Considering modern economics of pitching in major league baseball the crew explains why this is a steal for the Pirates.

Keller may be secured for the long run, but in the short term the Pirates still feel concern in several areas. Catcher was one of the overarching points of interest as the offseason lingered on and Saturday evening Pittsburgh signed major league veteran Yasmani Grandal to a one year deal, adding a veteran presence to the room.

Will Yasmani Grandal remain on the roster at the conclusion of July? How often will Grandal take the field when the season begins in April? Grandal, a former first round pick himself, now 35 years old, is preparing for his 13th season in the majors and is beginning the 2024 year with his sixth MLB club. 

As the episode comes to a close the crew details the start to spring training. Outside of hysterically revealing uniforms, what has stood out in Pirates city? Will the Roansy Contreras Pittsburgh has seen in week one of Spring Training 2024 carry through the remainder of camp back north?

Batten down the hatches, clear the decks and enjoy this episode of Rum Bunter Radio!

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