Should the Pittsburgh Pirates consider going after Alek Manoah?

Should the Pirates consider purusing a trade for Alek Manoah if the Toronto Blue Jays are willing to sell low on their former Cy Young candidate?
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My Verdict

Manoah would be a great buy-low candidate but with extra emphasis on "buy-low." I think it would only be worth the Pirates' time if they pulled another Edward Olivares-type trade. Olivares was acquired for minor league utility man Deivis Nadal, who, in his age-21 season at A-Ball Bradenton, batted .212 with a 33 percent strikeout rate and 101 wRC+. Nadal wasn't considered anything beyond minor-league depth.

I think having Manoah as the sixth starter on the 40-man roster wouldn't be the worst. He seems like a good change of scenery candidate. He also still has two more minor league option years remaining right now. But given the Pirates' current depth chart, there's simply just not a good fit. Again, if the Pirates can get him pennies on the dollar, then go for it. But that also doesn't seem too likely.

In the end, if the Pirates had Manoah as their sixth starter on the 40-man roster, they’d have some good depth. But the Pirates don’t have a good opportunity for Manoah in the Major Leagues. Is putting time and resources into a sixth starter worth it? That’s up for you to form an opinion on, but if it’s for anything more than a low-level prospect or minor-league depth, the Pirates might be best to avoid going after Manoah for now.