The all-time Spring Training Pittsburgh Pirates team

The best line-up based on performance by Pittsburgh Pirates' players in Spring Training.
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Ronny Paulino
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Ronny Paulino

Ronny Paulino was a catcher for the Bucs from 2005 through 2008. He’s a one-hit wonder in the team’s history, as in 2006, he hit .310 with a .754 OPS, 10 defensive runs saved, and a 36 percent caught-stealing percentage. But while that would be the only good season, he was a great hitter during Spring Training.

Paulino had 118 plate appearances in spring, batting .376/.424/.578 with a .439 wOBA and 162 wRC+. While Paulino only had a 6.8 percent walk rate, he rarely struck out with a 16.8 percent strikeout rate. Power was never Paulino’s calling card, but he had a respectable .202 isolated slugging percentage.

Among Pirates catchers in Spring Training, Paulino has the highest batting average by a Grand Canyon-sized margin of 74 points. He also has the highest OBP by 20 points and the highest wOBA by 13 points. Francisco Cervelli, however, outdoes him in wRC+, but by just two percent, as he sits at 162.

Honorable mentions: Francisco Cervelli, Tony Sanchez