Three bold predictions for Pirate prospects who could join top 100 lists in 2024

Which top Pirates prospects will be on top 100 lists at the end of this year?
Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
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Could these three Pirate prospects climb the rankings and become top 100 prospects in 2024?

At this point last year, some of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ top prospects weren’t a part of most top 100 lists. However, a look today and Jared Jones, Bubba Chandler, and Anthony Solometo are part of a handful of different top 100 prospect lists. Thomas Harrington also appears on Kiley McDaniel’s top 100 list for ESPN. All four made improvements in 2023, with many climbing ranks after showing what they could do in a full season’s worth of games.

The Pirates will likely see a few of their current prospects who aren’t part of top 100 lists get to that point after this season. It’s early, but the Pirates have some talented prospects who will play a full season this year. On top of that, they could build off of some of the talent they showed off in 2023 and improve upon that. That’s what Chandler, Jones, Solometo, and Harrington did last year. Right now, I want to make a few predictions on who will reach the coveted top 100 status by the end of the 2024 minor league season.