Three more international prospects to watch in the Pirates’ system for 2024

Let's take a look at some more international prospects in the system to keep tabs on.
Philadelphia Phillies v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t had a good player they developed from the international market in quite a while. But there’s definitely a chance they could find one in the near future. Some of their top prospects, including Yordany De Los Santos, Shalin Polanco, Tony Blanco Jr., and Jun-Seok Shim, were signed out of the international market, and while all are still fairly young, could make an impact in the future.

Estuar Suero and Jhonny Severino were both acquired via trade but were recent international signees by the San Diego Padres and Milwaukee Brewers, respectively. Both of those players were among their former team's top signings from recent signing periods. The Pirates clearly are looking to bring in a wave of talent through the International signings over the last 2-3 years. This also shows that these were two players that the team likely wanted to sign, but with universal restrictions on international amateur free-agent signings, it becomes hard to bring in multiple top names.

But these are far from the young international prospects currently in the system. A few months ago, I covered three under-the-radar international prospects that are worth keeping an eye on in 2024 and beyond. But there are more young prospects that you should know about currently in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ organization.