What is the best offensive lineup the Pirates can make?

The Pirates offense has been among the worst in the MLB. Let's take a look at what the best lineup the Pirates can make with players inside the organization?
Colorado Rockies v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Left Field, Bryan Reynolds

Bryan Reynolds is the Pirates best overall hitter, which has him in the two spot in the lineup. He is the everyday two hitter for the Pirates already. This season, Reynolds has a .254 batting average with five home runs and 20 runs batted in. He also has an OPS of .756, which includes an on-base percentage of .341 and a slugging percentage of .414.

Reynolds has not exactly been the all-star hitter he was a few years ago, but he has still been very good. He has a 116 wRC+ which is 16 points above league average. Reynolds has had a different approach this year. His strikeout percentage has dropped 2.1% from last year to 19.5% and his walk percentage has increased from last year 3.4% to 11.7%.

Stat cast metrics are also in Reynolds favor this season. His batting average this season is at .250, but his expected batting average is at .278, which is in the 82nd percentile. His slugging percentage is decent at .413, but his expected slugging percentage is at .469, which is in the 75th percentile.

Reynolds is not someone to worry about as he has been a consistently good hitter for years in Pittsburgh. He will also vary between the corner outfield spots for the remainder of the season. Hopefully, he can get the bat going even more as the weather starts to warm up.