What is the best offensive lineup the Pirates can make?

The Pirates offense has been among the worst in the MLB. Let's take a look at what the best lineup the Pirates can make with players inside the organization?
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Right Field, Edward Olivares

Edward Olivares is in the same boat as Andrew McCutchen as he has been a very unlucky hitter this season. Through 28 games played, Olivares has a batting average of .237 with five home runs and 14 runs batted in. He also has an OPS of .727, which includes an on-base percentage of .297 and a slugging percentage of .430.

These numbers are not very good at first glance, but stat cast metrics show that he should have better numbers. His expected batting average is .314, which is ranked in the 97th percentile. His expected slugging percentage is at .472, which is in the 77th percentile.

Olivares consistently puts the ball in play, but so far, he has not been getting the results. His strikeout percentage is at a decent 19.6% and his walk percentage is also decent at 7.2%. His wRC+ is at a 106, which is six points above the league average.

Olivares is a newer face to the Pittsburgh Pirates, but he is a solid bat in the lineup.

Like McCutchen, it is only a matter of time until his numbers begin to get better. Olivares is an average defender, which puts him in right field. He has shown signs of a plus arm as well which definitely plays.