What's Next For Pirates After Relatively Quiet Deadline?

Exhale, Pirate fans, Mitch Keller and David Bednar were never going anywhere.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates received three players from the Padres for Hill and Choi; 1B Alfonso Rivas, LHP Jackson Wolf (currently in AA), and 17-year-old OF Estuar Suero. Of course, with both players being free agents after the season, any significant return for them was not realistic, but this package is uninspiring in all honesty. Wolf was ranked as the Padres' #16 prospect according to MLB Pipeline. Suero would be the one to keep an eye on down the road as he easily has the most upside of the group.

Rivas has hit a lot at the Triple-A level, but his numbers in the big leagues are underwhelming, to say the least. Nonetheless, he will likely join the Pittsburgh Pirates very soon as they have no true first baseman left on the active roster. We will likely see a Rivas and Connor Joe split time there for the remainder of 2023, with some Endy Rodriguez mixed in on days he isn't catching.

After dealing Rich Hill, the Pittsburgh Pirates were going to have a significant number of innings opened up that would need to be eaten for the final two months and they might've addressed that in their final move of the deadline. Just before the 6:00 hit, it was announced that Rodolfo Castro was being traded to the Phillies for LHP Bailey Falter. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this move. There is no doubt that Castro was struggling mightily before he was sent back down to Triple-A a little over two weeks ago, but this feels like the Pirates selling him at his lowest value.

There was an extended period where he looked like an everyday second baseman with legit power from the tail-end of last season up through the first month or so of this season. However, when Derek Shelton made him almost exclusively a starter versus left-handed pitching, he seemed to lose all of his confidence. Of course, with the surplus of middle-infielders the Pirates have right now, they weren't all going to stick around, but I can't get on board with dealing the one with arguably the most upside out of all of them (not counting Oneil Cruz, obviously).

This screams a potential "mediocre player leave the Pirates and become good" situation, which is the main reason I don't like it. That being said, I'm definitely rooting for Rodolfo to figure it out in Philadelphia, because he was so fun to watch when he was on, and the power potential is incredible. Maybe the Phillies have him start hitting exclusively from the right side and we see a reverse Cedric Mullins situation unfold. Of course, Mullins ditched switch-hitting but became exclusively a left-handed hitter. Still, the player they brought back in the deal can help make the deal okay...