Which Pittsburgh Pirates are likely to start the season on the 60-Day Injured List?

Spring training begins on Wednesday but it also marks the first day that clubs can place injured players from their 40-man roster on the 60-day injured list.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves
Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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With spring training underway for the Pittsburgh Pirates, they will be facing 60-day injured list decisions with at least four players before the season begins

Spring training is officially open for the Pittsburgh Pirates and everyone else across Major League Baseball. With camps opening, clubs around the league can start tinkering with their players and injured lists.

Wednesday is expected to be a busy day across Major League Baseball as organizations look to open up key depth roster spots on their 40-man roster by placing some injured players on the 60-day injured list.

Unlike when being added to the 10-day injured list or 15-day injured list, players who are added to the 60-day injured list are effectively removed from their team's 40-man roster, allowing that roster spot to be used by another player.

With plenty of notable free agents remaining on the market, the movement of players to the 60-day IL is expected to help cause a chain reaction in the free agent market as well with plenty of opportunities expected to open up.

Unfortunately for the Pirates, several players on their 40-man roster will likely be added to the 60-day injured list in short order on Wednesday or in the coming days/weeks. Below, Rum Bunter takes a look at which Pirates will likely begin or spend their entire 2024 season on the 60-day IL.