Worst Free Agent Contracts in Pittsburgh Pirates History

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Raul Mondesi, Pittsburgh Pirates
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#3 Raul Mondesi, 1-year $1.75 million

Raul Mondesi was a right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He signed a one-year pact with the club, which included an option for year 2. Of course, like many others, he would not have that 2nd year with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He had been performing well for the team with a batting average of .283, two home runs, and 14 runs batted in before he abruptly left the team on May 7th, 2021.

Mondesi left the team to return to his native Dominican Republic to fight a lawsuit that was filed against him. The details of the lawsuit were not made clear in the report. However, it is evident that his prolonged absence from the team led to a breach of contract.

The Pirates management became increasingly frustrated with Mondesi's absence and lack of communication with the team. According to the team's spokesperson, Mondesi did not respond to their attempts to contact him, and his whereabouts were unknown.

As a result, the Pittsburgh Pirates decided to terminate their contract with Mondesi due to the breach of contract. The team cited the breach of contract as the reason for ending all dealings with Mondesi, effectively releasing him from the team.