Young Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects With Top 100 Potential

While they might not be top 100 propsects now, these ones have the potential to reach that in the future.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates have some top prospects who are still fairly young and inexperienced who could become top 100 prospects in the future

Back in April, we looked at three Pittsburgh Pirates prospects who could potentially be on future top 100 prospect lists. However, that was before a draft, trade deadline, and nearly an entire minor league season played out. A lot has changed since I wrote that article, with the Pirates adding a handful more players and others gaining some prospect stock this season.

The main guys we will be looking at are teenage prospects. Sometimes, it takes two, maybe even three years for many high school picks or young international prospects to start making their way onto top 100 lists. Very few of that age start their pro career as a consensus top 100 talent. Only the very best get there within the first year of their pro careers.

That’s mainly because they haven’t played very much and are still raw talents. Once players start to face professional-level competition, refine their stuff, and start showing what they can do, focusing solely on professional baseball, you see them rise and appear on the top 100 lists. So, who are some of the prospects in the Pirates’ system who could get to that coveted status eventually?