Uhh, Jeff Reed Has a Problem. Drunk Again.


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I wonder when it will hit Jeff Reed

He seemed to bottom out early this year when staring at an empty towel dispenser at a New Alexandria Sheetz convenience store.  But apparently the $543.50 fine wasn’t enough to bankrupt him.

Then Reed missed a few field goals in important situations in NFL football games.  He kept going down his one way path of destruction last night.  Seriously.

He got the work stuff out of the way in the afternoon as the talented Steeler kicker made two field goals against the Browns and then celebrated last night at McFaddens.

A little too much.

And sometime later this week,  Reed will find a summons in the mail for an appearance in Pittsburgh City Court after his public intoxication citation the Post Gazette reports.

I have to think this could be Reed’s final strike.  If not, he has a 3-2 count and foul balls are outs.  So, Jeff.  Keep it straight my friend.  Good luck with that.