Pirates Front Office Up Two Zip on Marlins


Today’s episode of Rum Bunter Deep Thoughts speaks to the Pirates relations with the Florida Marlins.

The Marlins are a team that is looking to keep payroll at a modest level.  Ownership has been questioned by Florida fans.  Sound familar?

That’s about where the similarities end.

Back in November, we saw that Rob at The Trib had added that former Pirate coach Perry Hill was denied permission to speak with the Florida Marlins.  The Pirates have that right after exercising Hill’s 2010 option.  It was discussed in this article from Palm Beach Post.

The Marlins are rehauling their coaching staff and Hill was high on their list to return to his former job.  Hill had retired in 2007 from the Marlins.  He was replaced by Andy Fox

In 2008, the Marlins made 117 errors.  Then this year, the Marlins committed 106 errors, third highest in the NL and still finished in second place behind the Phillies.   Hence, the Marlins showed Fox  the door. 

Most sources believe it was Hill’s job.   We have to wonder if the Marlins were surprised when they made the call to the Pirates to secure permission to work on a deal with Hill.

Heh, Perry let me make a call real quick on this… and we will….

Hello, Florid Marlins here, we would like permission to speak with Perr….well, ok, thank you.

Maybe in 2011 Mr. Hill.

Fast forward to the Rule 5 draft when the Pirates selected Marlin OF John Raynor .  If Raynor doesn’t work out at the big league level for the Pirates, do you think the Pirates will make the call to try and work out a deal to keep Raynor?

We’re curious how that call will go for the Pirates.

Please remember the Pirates lead the league in fielding while losing 99 games with Hill.  Coaching matters immensely.  Hill will be sorely missed said John Perrotto.

New Pirates coach Carlos Garcia is proven, but not Hill. Hill was the Dean of Defense. Garcia and his Mariners’ team lead American League in fielding percentage in 2005, but look around the Pirates lineup.  Do you see above average fielders? 

Hill worked some magic.  Remember when RumBunter broke in the Nats locker room and snapped this parody picture from the bulletin board of Lastings Milledge

You gotta feel that Milledge got the last laugh in 2009 with his overall play, especially his improving defense.

Just how good will the 2010 Pirates defense be?  Will the teachings of Hill stick or be lost with his departure?  With visions of Jeff Clement, Bobby Crosby, John Raynor… ahh, we will stop there. 

We see what happened when Hill left the Marlins, how about leaving a Pirates team that is one of the youngest in MLB?

And if Raynor doesn’t stick, will the Rule 5 pick be wasted because of an emotional knee jerk decision made on Perry Hill ?

The Pirates  Spring Training games start March 3rd as the World Champion Yankees host the Bucs in Tampa.

We can’t wait to stop thinking about it, writing about it, so we can finally watch it. 

No matter how bad it may be.