Pirates Andrew McCutchen Thrives, Marlins Chris Coghlan Dives


Marlins Maniac is one of the best baseball blogs I read.  Michael Jong took a look at the 2010 season Chris Coghlan is having.  He wonders why Marlins fans aren’t screaming about it like they were  when Dan Uggla was having a similar slump last year.  Most of you will remember Coghlan as the player that robbed McCutchen for the 2009 Rookie of the Year Award.  

Jong told all of the RumBunter readers that McCutchen had his vote last year.  Also, Jong made the call on Rule 5 pick John Raynor.  The guy knows his stuff. 

"Meanwhile, everyone took notice of Coghlan’s monstrous second half, during which he hit .372/.423/.543. Coghlan got 50+ hits in two straight months and rode the offensive wave to the Rookie of the Year award. His slumping start (prior to the break, he was hitting .245/.343/.335) was eons ago and likely well out of the minds of the fans this season. Well, at least until certain fans and local writers use that slump as a comparison to 2010’s slump and mention how well that turned out."

Here are the statistics Jong used in his post:

Coghlan, 2010 to date: 171 PA, .210/.260/.268, .246 wOBA

Coghlan, 2010 to date: .210/2/11, 24.2% K%

So naturally as an Andrew McCutchen fan, I wanted to take a look

at how McCutchen stacked up against last year’s ROY winner.  It didn’t take long to see McCutchen is out to an early lead considering the slump Coghlan is currently enduring.

McCutchen, 2010 to date;  190PA, .320/.381/.477, .383wOBA  (Over the past year, Cutch has a .377wOBA, the highest of any CF in baseball)

McCutchen: 2010 to date; .320/5HR/13RBI, 18% K%

With McCutchen meaning 4.5 wins to this Pirates team with nearly a year’s worth of playing time under his ‘dred rag, the upcoming years look to be quite exciting for him.  And profitable. 

Now if he were interested in talking a contract, the entire city would have something to talk about outside of Big Ben and hockey.  Wait, that isn’t likely to change for the forseeable future, but if McCutchen continues to show improvement maybe this story about McCutchen being the next Carl Crawford will prove true.   As for Coghlan, well the Pirates had Warren Morris, but I’m not sure who you could compare Coghlan with right now.


Click here for The Fishy Rookie of the Year Ballotfrom vintage RumBunter files.

2009 Rookie of the Year Facts:

McCutchen had 71 less plate appearances than the winner.

McCutchen still had more stolen bases.

McCutchen still had more extra-base hits than any rookie.

McCutchen had the best WAR of all candidates.

McCutchen had the best VORP of all candidates.

McCutchen finished fourth, but had more HR than the winner.

McCutchen had more assists than the winner.

McCutchen drew more walks than the winner.

Despite these facts, there were 32 ballots with three spaces on each ballot which equals 96 total openings.  McCutchen was only named on seven ballots.