Pedro Alvarez Change We Can Believe In


Some Pittsburgh Pirates are thrilled to see Pedro Alvarez.  Most Pittsburgh Pirates fans are overjoyed to see Pedro man the hot corner at PNC Park.

But some in the Pittsburgh media felt the need to look like hillbillies by ripping how the Bucs called up Pedro.  It was definently bizarre and predicted right here at RumBunter and captured in another well written article by Pittsburgh Lumber Company

Some Pirates fans feel the need to boo the star prospect during the eleventh straight loss.  He did fail in key situations Pirates fans.  New Bucs has all of the whiffs in visual form for you. 

I enjoy the losing because I can see the future.  I’m not watching Freddy and the Average Eight.  I am watching the future  and possibly what could result in this guy who murders baseballs.  So sit back and watch the kids.  It’s fun and they grow up soooo fast. 

And look at this!  Pedro’s departure from AAA Indianapolis allowed another Pittsburgh connection, Jim Negrych, an opportunity to get some AAA action.  He shined in a big way during his homecoming last night.  Sandlot Swashbucklers captured the moment.

John Russell hits better than Jim Leyland   so get off his ass.

What Jose Bautista is doing has never been done before. Ever. So when someone tells you they are giving up on young talent…call them a  hilljack.