The Oakland Athletics Commercials Still Suck


The Pittsburgh Pirates limp into Oakland to take on the Athletics in a weekend series.  The A’s will have RHP Ben Sheets, RHP Trevor Cahill, and LHP Gio Gonzalez on the bump. The A’s pitching staff has a 2.95 ERA at home as compared to 5.17 ERA on the road, with the starters twirling a 2.88 ERA in Oakland.  The A’s are struggling currently with a 2-8 record in their past ten games.

We had an easy decision to make, look at the A’s starting pitchers and try and determine one the Pirates can earn a victory over, or try and get some laughs.

Since we could only discover ten preseason commercials, RumBunter put them in a  Top Ten  list for you.  For the Athletics, we did our best at discovering a funny one for you, but to no avail, hence the Rajai Davis in FAST got me some hate mail.  Didn’t you know he was a Pirate?  No.  I had no idea.  Sigh. 

Did you ever notice about this time of year Pirates fans are awful bitter?  I’m not sure why.

We thought everyone could use a little laugh today, especially RumBunter faithful reader Eric M, who is less than 24 hours from the most important day in his life.  Women from coast to coast you don’t have much time left…. Eric will officially be changing his Facebook profile from single to married unless you can make a miracle happen.  So for all of us suffering Pirates fans, we tried finding laughter for you and failed miserably.  Hell, even the A’s behind the scenes clips and outtakes of their 2010 commercials aren’t funny.

Tomorrow night is Turn-Back-The-Clock Night in Oakland. Everyone will get a Joe Rudi replica jersey. We grabbed a screen shot of the commercial for you here.

 Here is the complete commercial link to the A’s website.  Check it out if you’re bored.  If you’re  female, don’t you dare click that link and waste a precious thirty seconds.  Save EM!  Time is running out.

We dug back five plus  years to find this commercial when Bobby Crosby was just starting to see his hairline fade.  With Crosby hot at the plate, we deemed it RumBunter worthy.  But no wonder number 7 was thrilled to get out of Oakland.  This is bad.  It’s hilariously awful.  Why does he need to take his hat off when he gets out of the car?  Crosby should have got on the first plane out of Oakland the minute the Director yelled, “that’s a wrap!”



or you can get some real laughs like the ones from @fakecharliemorton.