Pirates Give Clement Start At First, Other Ramblings


The Pittsburgh Pirates ‘Sunday’ lineup has Jeff Clement at 1B today and Garrett Jones in RF.  We saw an interesting stat last night about Lastings Milledge.  That was his first error in 156 games?  What?

It reminded us of when we got into the Nats locker room last year and took this picture of their bulletin board picking on Milledge. 

One Pirate might be really happy today, Pirates starter Paul Maholm.  The leftie has been seen recently challenging former Pitching Coach Joe Kerrigan.  Remember the intentional walk?

Everyone has been clamoring for Jeff Clement to make a start at 1B.  Ok, kid.  Here you go another opportunity.  Remember Eminem who said you only get one shot.  Of course it really doesn’t apply to many on this Pirates team who have been given so many chances to prove that they really, really, really don’t belong on the worst team in the National League.  Go get ’em today Clement.  The window is closing to prove yourself against “quality” major league pitchng.

Clement needs to hit today.  I like the idea of starting him and increasing his value against a weak arm.  Well played NH.  Now Doumit behind the plate is another story…

So who will the big name pitching coach be?