The Jameson Taillon Website Mystery



A while back we asked is Jameson Taillon Being Cyber Squatted?   The confusion is cleared up.  We thought it was Jameson Taillons’ website.  It’s a collection of pictures of Taillon in various All-Star games including our favorite, the Under Armour All American game. 

As you can read in the emails we sent to the owner of the site, is not owned by Jameson Taillon, but somebody who appears to be looking out for him.

“J.T.” mentions in the emails to us he will transfer the website to Taillon ‘at cost.’  That’s cool.  Right?


If you are not Jameson Taillon, who are you?

—–Original Message—–
From: Jameson Taillon <>
To: Tom Smith
Sent: Sat Aug 28 10:55:52 2010
Subject: Re: website

Hello Tom,

I am not Jameson Taillon. I had grandiose ideas for a website under his
name, but it seems as though my ideas are not going to come to fruition.
I hope you got a chance to see the site before I was asked to take off
all of the pictures and articles! I hope something is done with the
website soon, but that will not be my call.



From: Jameson Taillon []
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 10:43 PM
To: Tom Smith
Subject: Re: website


Glad you got to see it prior to the alterations. I’m not a web designer
by any stretch, but I was proud of the extensive links and pics I was
able to find and post.

I was asked to take the site down to the bare bones it currently sits
at. Not by Jameson, but surely some representative of some kind (whether
it be from the Pirates, an agent, or otherwise – who knows?). I will
transfer the domain to Jameson eventually. He hasn’t had time to do
anything about it yet, which I understand. I’m not a bad guy – I
purchased the site solely so I could transfer the site to him. When I
realized the site would gain value I figured I should purchase it so he
can have the rights to his name at the low cost it was at a year ago,
before he got “big-time”. I will transfer the site to him at cost when
he has the time. I don’t want to transfer it to an agent or something –
only him. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors with the agents and
such, right? Or maybe I’m just a cynic.

Jameson and I are both from The Woodlands and I do know him from his
Woodlands days. I hope he does something great with it – I’ve had the
opportunity to see him pitch and he’s a talented kid with a big heart,
and he’s surprisingly bright, especially for a student-athlete.