Pittsburgh Pirates Top Five Right Fielders

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1. Roberto Clemente (1955-1972)

We all know the tremendous person that Roberto Clemente was. He was a truly giving and charitable person, one whose works and charities off the diamond have made as lasting an impact as his work on the field. When he disappeared in a plane crash on New Year’s Even in 1972, the world lost a true role model.

Clemente’s prowess on the diamond certainly helped him to make that impact upon the lives of others. One of the all time great Pittsburgh Pirates, Clemente is also well known for finishing his career with exactly 3000 hits. Clemente also produced a .317/.359/.475 batting line, hitting 440 doubles and 240 home runs.

Defensively, Roberto Clemente was one of the greats, winning twelve consecutive Gold Glove awards before his life was tragically cut short. Clemente ranks second all-time in putouts in right behind Paul Waner, and is the all time leader with 204 runs saved in right. As exellent as Waner was defensively, Clemente may have been just as good.

One could have made the case for Waner to have this spot, but Roberto Clemente earned a few extra points for being such an inspiration off the field. He certainly deserves his place as the greatest Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder.

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