Pittsburgh Pirates series takeaways vs. Kansas City Royals

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Baseball is represented by the highs of the Cardinals’ series and the lows of the Brewers’ and Royals’ series. It’s really easy to speak in absolutes about the Pittsburgh Pirates, but baseball is a complex game and bad streaks are as unavoidable as good streaks. The Pirates are in a funk right now. You can blame injuries or the All-Star Break, but the fact is that the team is slumping.

The important thing to remember is that baseball is a game of ebbs and flows. The team will bounce back from this and get back to the form you are accustomed to watching. Don’t let two bad series sour you on this ball club. The bipolar nature of the fanbase is expected, but you don’t make the playoffs back-to-back years by accident. The Pirates are good and they are more than capable of bouncing back from losing five of six. If you don’t think they can, then you haven’t been paying attention to the Pirates the last couple of seasons.

Series result: Pirates lose 2-1

2015 win/loss record: 54-40

2015 series record: 15-12-3

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