Pittsburgh Pirates talk with Mike Ferrin of MLB Network Radio


Oftentimes Pittsburgh Pirates fans need to be reminded of what the team is actually doing; how they are actually performing; and how they are actually winning games.

Enter Mike Ferrin from MLB Network Radio.

Mike is a mid-day host, 10am-1pm EST, on the all-baseball channel – Sirius 209/XM89 on your dial. Rum Bunter Radio brought him in to get the national perspective on the Pittsburgh Pirates and their recent trade-deadline moves. It was a lively conversation and Mike had some great insight.  Take a listen:

Interview highlights:

-Mike reminds us that Neal Huntington had to pivot to a backup plan after the A.J. Burnett injury grew from back-of-the-mind concern to legitimate issue. When viewed in that light, the J.A. Happ deal makes a lot more sense

-The guys talk extensively about Clayton Kershaw vs Gerrit Cole in Friday’s matchup.

-Tyler and Jason identify 90s on 9 as being a ‘gateway drug’ for Sirius XM.

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-Tyler & Jason

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