Pittsburgh Pirates Wake-Up Call: An Imperfect Evening


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He did it to us again

Jake Arrieta likely wrapped up the National League Cy Young Award at the expense of the Pittsburgh Pirates last night. By virtue of a dominating 4-0 win that saw Arrieta flirt with a perfect game, the Pirates were unable to take advantage of another Trevor Rosenthal implosion for the Cardinals. Thus, the Pirates find themseles still three games back as they embark on the last regular-season matchup with those redbirds.

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A quick check of Pirates twitter last night and you would think that the game itself was a foregone conclusion. Ignoring the fact that the Pirates have hung with Arrieta in the past, most were resigned to a loss and a loss in a potential wild-card game as well, should it come down to Pirates/Cubs with Arrieta on the mound.

This, despite the Pirates having 95 wins.

This, despite the fact that they had already won the series against the Cubs before Arrieta even threw a pitch.

This, despite the fact the Pirates have faced Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw, Jon Lester, and Arrieta as part of a 10 game road trip. The Pirates went 8-2 on the jaunt.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Believe me, it would be highly preferable for fans and the Pirates alike if they won the division and avoided a one-game scenario against Arrieta, who I must admit looks absolutely locked in right now. But it was irksome to see some fans wear their fear and resignation on their sleeves. The Pittsburgh Pirates themselves do not think that way. And the minute they do, they are toast.

Perhaps fans should follow their lead.

Red Bird Hunting

Tonight begins the biggest series of the year (and this time we mean it). The Pirates find themselves with a real chance at the NL Central division with just six games left in the season. Look for our full preview coming today at 3pm.

As I stated above, the impetus behind this sudden fortune for the Pirates has been an uncharacteristically shaky bullpen. Coupled with the loss of Carlos Martinez – who was to start against the Pirates in this series – the door is wide open for the Pirates to take advantage. Most believe a sweep is necessary for any designs on the division. Unfortunately, I agree, as the Pirates face a marginally better Cincinnati Reds team to end their season, while the Cardinals get the lowly and hapless Braves.

Pirates talk on the web

Travis Sawchik reminds us that even though the Pirates may face the 2015 version of Madison Bumgarner, they may have a Bumgarner of their own in Gerrit Cole.

Bill Brink has a good handle on the team’s mindset as the Cardinals series is about to start.

Keep an eye out for our complete series preview coming later today. in it, we offer you a complete look at all pitching matchups, including career numbers for all Pirates hitters vs Cardinals starters. That and much more!

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