Off-Season Successes and Regrets Thus Far for the Pirates

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Off-Season Successes and Regrets:  What Moves are the Pirates happy about and what do the Pirates wish they would have made this Off-Season

During every off-season everyone wants to see moves made by the Pirates.  Most of the time those people are let down.  They want to Neal Huntington and company sweep in and over pay a little bit for a free agent or trade away some of their prospects and acquire an above average player.  Instead they are given a lot of Minor League signings, reclamation pitching prospects, and bench players.  

A big portion of the fan base roll their eyes, call the team cheap, and say that the front office is not committed to winning.  While others rationalize every move and remain optimistic that the front office knows what they are doing.  Have they given us a reason not to trust them?  

Anyhow, being one month into the season what are moves that have worked out and what are regrets the Pirate organization has about moves that were not made.  

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