MLB Draft: 2016 Top High School Third Baseman

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The 2016 MLB Draft features a great group of talented high school third baseman prospects, with most being left handed sticks. All five of the guys mentioned have a high chance of going round one, with maybe only one falling to early round two.

Josh Lowe is the best, but will go top 15, so the Pirates won’t get a chance. Nolan Jones and Drew Mendoza will go in the range of the Pirates, and one, or even both, could be there for the choosing if the team is interested in picking another high school third baseman. Carter Kieboom and Joe Rizzo could be below slot value picks at 22, but I don’t think the money gained to use elsewhere outweighs the talent left on the board. Of course, those two could fall to the Bucs at 41, but Rizzo’s lack of project ability is worrisome.

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The third baseman ranks go as follows: Josh Lowe, Nolan Jones, Drew Mendoza, Carter Kieboom, and Joe Rizzo. After going Ke’Bryan Hayes last year, the Pirates may shy away from doubling down. Lowe, Jones, and Mendoza are the only three that would be best on the board.

Next week I’ll take a look at another good high school position in outfielders as the MLB Draft continues to get closer and closer.

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