Pittsburgh Pirates Payroll Payroll Comparison to MLB

Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a small market team.  With that fans on the Pirates see a small payroll every year season when compared to the rest of the league.

At the end of the season the Pittsburgh Pirates broke the 100 million dollar cusp for their team’s payroll.  This was the first time ever.  They entered the year right under at 99 million.  Many fans were not happy as they thought the Pittsburgh Pirates should have been well over the 100 million dollar line.  They argued that the Bucs had three straight playoffs seasons of extra revenue and it was time to invest it back into the team.  Instead, the Pittsburgh Pirates used their money strategically and did not make any significant signings.

Then throughout the season the Pittsburgh Pirates made several questionable moves after falling out of contention.  They first traded Jon Niese back to the Mets.  This was not necessarily a bad trade, but one to relieve them of his salary while getting rid of a poor pitcher.  They then dealt Francisco Liriano, who was owed 13 million dollars for the 2017 season.  They also were relieved of his remaining 4.475 million dollars for the remaining money on his contract in 2016.  Many criticized them for this as they gave up two prospects in the deal also.  In a way rightfully so, once again the decision was made because of payroll.

However, with all this being said the Bucs ended up over 100 million dollars with their payroll at the end of last year.  This was exactly what a lot of fans were waiting for.  Although they are now over 100 million dollars, it does not mean much.  They still ranked toward the bottom of the league in payroll.  Here is the numbers in order:

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Los Angeles Dodgers: $279,107,794

New York Yankees: $227,365,376

Boston Red Sox: $215,066,336

Detroit Tigers: $205,894,085

Chicago Cubs: $186,402,394

San Francisco Giants: $183,027,044

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: $180,743,007

Texas Rangers: $168,420,990

St. Louis Cardinals: $166,966,170

Washington Nationals: $163,605,722

Toronto Blue Jays:$159,402,279

Baltimore Orioles: $156,868,519

New York Mets: $156,642,515

Seattle Mariners: $154,718,253

Kansas City Royals: $145,170,358

Chicago White Soxs: $141,208,186

San Diego Padres:$127,681,702

Atlanta Braves: $122,138,633

Colorado Rockies: $120,561,480

Philadelphia Phillies: $117,259,109

Cleveland Indians: $114,707,868

Cincinnati Reds: $114,297,733

Houston Astros: $112,738,542

Minnesota Twins: $106,235,357

Pittsburgh Pirates: $105,866,836

Arizona Diamondbacks: $103,372,186

Oakland Athletics: $99,914,388

Miami Marlins: $80,461,206

Milwaukee Brewers: $75,244,791

Tampa Bay Rays: $71,332,249

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The Pittsburgh Pirates currently rank 24th in payroll. They could actually unload more as they could cut Jeff Locke and others. This is not where many fans want to see them.  However, after cutting a lot of payroll over the last season the Bucs are in a good spot to add more payroll for the next season.  They very well could and should be in the top 20 next season.  Between signings, extensions, and trades they have the room to add payroll and help get this team back in the playoffs.