Pittsburgh Pirates: Two Worst 60-Game Spans in Franchise History

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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Last week we took a look at the two best 60-game spans in Pirate history, now let’s look at the two worst 60-game spans in the team’s records.

The 2020 MLB season was shortened to just 60 games because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That few games are a minimal sample size as the Pittsburgh Pirates reached their 60th game this season on June 14. Small sample sizes can lead to some weird and outlier stats and numbers.

Because of how the 2020 season played out, FanGraphs created the 60-game split leaderboard, which shows the best and worst 60-game stretches in the history of baseball. Earlier this week, we looked at the two best 60-game sprints for the Pittsburgh Pirates; one batter and one pitcher.

Today, I want to revisit the 60-game leaderboard for Pittsburgh Pirates players, but instead, look at the worst seasons of all time. Once again, we’ll look at the worst 60-game sprint for a batter and a pitcher. With that explained, let’s get into our position player.