3 massive problems the Pirates' front office needs to deal with right now

It's time for the front office to make some drastic moves
Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Commit and open the window

This Pirates club is very close to putting it all together. They have the pitching, one that can carry this team for a long time. This team will never be a powerhouse offense but rather a team that will limit runs and try and take advantage of the low scoring games.

As the graduation of some of the best pitching prospects in the game happen, it emphasizes more and more how close this team really is. As these pitchers continue to grow and the three-headed monster that is Skenes, Jones and Keller carries this team, they need to offense and bullpen to carry their weight as well.

This is where the ownership comes in. It's hard to rely on the continued development of prospects to make the leap and become legit contributors when you are opening your contention window. Sometimes prospects take a couple of years to figure out, as many Pirates fans I am sure are familiar with.

With as much talent currently on this roster along with the disappointing seasons of some of the NL Central teams, it is time that ownership opens this contention window and starts to become aggressive. You need a first baseman and don't think that option is in house? Go acquire a solid decent first baseman with a couple of years of control. Your bullpen is struggling to get outs? Go get a decent mid-leverage reliever to bridge the gap between your rotation and Bednar. I am not saying to go make a trade for a year and a half of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to solve the first base problem, but get creative, get someone that is proven to be a solid contributor, because as good as these players are, the window for contention can close as soon as it opens.