5 Pittsburgh Pirates players under pressure entering the 2024 season

Miami Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates
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No. 5 - Nick Gonzales/Liover Peguero

Someone has to win the second base job. I know Jared Triolo is in the mix for this role as well, but Peguero and Gonzales were both once highly touted prospects. This is the pressure of someone being able to solidify the second base job and potentially become a staple of this young Pirates core that they are trying to build.

Gonzales not panning out would again be another first round pick (2020 pick no. 7) failed by the scouting department and front office. Missing on all of these first round picks will start to raise eyebrows and question what we are doing as an organization when it comes to draft prep.

As for Peguero, opportunity appear to be knocking in 2024. The front office remains very high on him, he is a plus defender at second base, and likely has the highest offensive ceiling of the players competing for the job.

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