Diary of a long-suffering Pirates' fan: Is it time to bring back the old parrot?

The Old Parrot had a winning record and a world series on its resume. The current parrot does not.

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But, can we talk about the Pirates old Parrot?  Is it still too soon after 38 years?  The old Parrot finished its career with a winning record.  The Pirates had 470 wins 442 losses and one world championship when the old parrot paraded the grounds of Three Rivers Stadium.

The New Parrot?  He has authored more losing seasons—including 20 in a row—than I care to discuss.

The old parrot had an attitude.  He almost looks mean.  He used to roam Three Rivers Stadium needling the opposing managers and the umpires and sometimes even the fans. 

Compared to the new parrot’s costume, the old Parrot costume looks cheap. Like something from a cheap high school production.  It’s supposed to be a Parrot but looks like a cross between Howard the Duck and the San Diego Chicken.  Only it's green.  Or at least the body is green.  Somehow, he was given long orange legs.  But all in all, it's a cheap-looking costume.  Cheap.  Does anybody else see the irony in having a cheap-looking mascot?

But after 38 years, can a mascot be forgiven? is it time to bring back the old parrot?  Not to replace the new parrot.  And certainly not to show up at your kid’s birthday party.  But as an additional parrot on game day at the stadium  A parrot with a back story, if you will.  A parrot that can needle the opposing manager and the umpires like the new parrot has not and cannot. 

And could the appearance of the old parrot, by pure coincidence, ignite the young Pirates to a new era of winning?

Probably not.  But we can dream, can’t we.