Pirates ace prospect Paul Skenes talks future with the Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates v Baltimore Orioles
Pittsburgh Pirates v Baltimore Orioles / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

Could Sunday, May 5th be the day that the Pirates call up Paul Skenes to make his Big League debut? Or will it be the following weekend against the Chicago Cubs? Either way, it seems that Skenes is on the cusp of making his Big League debut. He pitched 6 scoreless innings in his most recent start with the Indianapolis Indians.

This should be a franchise-defining moment. Skenes is the best pitching prospect in the last 15 years, it is rare to find starters who can carry 100 miles per hour into the 6th innings. Skenes did this in his last start. He also has only given up 1 earned run this year in the Minor Leagues which is good for a 0.39 earned run average. He is ready.

He also seems pretty excited to be joining the Big League team sooner rather than later. He recently sat down with the team at MILB.com for an interview. He is super impressive as always. From day 1 Paul Skenes has shown the ability to handle himself off the field just as well as he does on the field. He is serious about his craft and everything that goes into it. He seems like a real all-baseball kind of guy.

It is interesting to hear that Skenes rooted for the Angels growing up. In a way, they are similar to the Pirates in the way that no matter what these Organizations do, it does not seem to go the way they had hoped. Of course, the big righty is from California.

Hopefully, Paul Skenes will not be another example of the Pirates Organization failing.

While the Major League team looks really incompetent right now, Skenes looks like he could be one who will not be dragged down by what's going on around him. Of course, Skenes could pitch electric and the team would not be able to score any runs to support him anyhow.