3 out of options pitchers to watch during Spring Training

The Pirates should monitor these three pitchers are out of options with their current teams and could hit waivers at th end of Spring Training.
Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins - Game Three
Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins - Game Three / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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Due to being out of minor league options, these three pitchers could be designated for assignment this spring which could make them targets for the Pittsburgh Pirates

At the end of Spring Training, teams will need to make roster cuts. Some will go to the minor leagues, but others are out of options. That means their team will have one of two options: either go into the regular season with them as part of the team’s Opening Day roster or get designated for assignment. If they get DFA’d, any team could put in a claim to acquire them. They will still have no options, but that team can then opt to put them on their Opening Day roster.

Sometimes, you can find some interesting players in DFA limbo at the end of Spring Training. Most of the Pirate bullpen is already set in place, but there is likely one, maybe two more spots left for them to fill. Although they have some internal options, I definitely would not be upset if the Pirates decided to claim any of the following three pitchers if they hit waivers at the end of Spring Training.