Pittsburgh Pirates: Bob Nutting The Ideal Presidential Candidate


The Presidential Race is heating up, will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton leading the United States for the next four years? It’s an exciting time if your’re a fan of politics, and even if you’re not, you’d be lying if you didn’t find Donald Trump some what fascinating. But it’s never too late for a person to decide to go third-party, and the Pittsburgh Pirates have the perfect candidate.

Robert Nutting, which most know him as Bob, and even have popularized on Twitter “#GoNuttingsWallet.” But the Pittsburgh Pirates owner does feature qualities that are quite common with presidents, which will be addressed individually.

To start, Nutting is financially conservative. Even though he’s the tenth richest owner in baseball and has a worth of $1.1 billion, Nutting knows how to cut spending and to make sure he doesn’t out spend his costs. Using Baseball Prospectus, the Pirates season ending payroll and league rank since Nutting bought the team are as followed:

2007: $51,360,907 (27)
2008: $50,764,410 (29)
2009: $47,991,132 (28)
2010: $44,146,967 (29)
2011: $51,784,810 (27)
2012: $61,300,313 (29)
2013: $74,608,266 (25)
2014: $78,379,602 (27)
2015: $95,889,960 (24)

Bob Nutting has shown he will not keep spending and spending. He would be able to decrease the military spending and other expenditures. Mr. Nutting would cut governmental waste spending, like he did when the Pirates traded Jason Bay, or when they released Jonathon Sanchez. These cuts in spending would create a budget surplus, a surplus that could be used to replenish and fix Social Security.

Taking Care of the Old

The Pirates under Bob Nutting have been known to be willing to give money to older players who can’t play anymore, such as Chris Gomez, Matt Morris, Rod Barajas, Brandon Inge, John McDonald, and Ryan Vogelsong. Bob takes care of these older players and once in office, he’ll take care of the elderly by shoring up Social Security. The Pirates had a revenue, or a surplus if you will, of $293 million and the team is also valued at $900 million according to Forbes. Creating a surplus is something that Bob Nutting is great at, and he will excel once elected president.

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The budget surplus that would arise from the decrease in spending would also allow Mr. Nutting to start paying back the national debt, and to not put that burden on young Americans to come. Paying back is debt is something that Nutting has done while being the owner of the Pirates. Who wouldn’t want a president that creates a budget surplus, willing to help the Social Security problems, and one that pays back the debt?

International Affairs

As president, Bob Nutting would also be more welcoming to immigrants wanting to come to the United States to work and prosper in this great country. Just last year, he paid for the Pirates to bring in Korean third baseman Jung Ho Kang, and he has brought in many Latin American players into the fold. Bob Nutting is welcoming to all different ethnicity and religions, which is another positive on what would make him a great president.

The Future

Lastly, Mr. Nutting is not afraid to invest in the youth. He built a stunning facility in the Dominican Republic, and a brand new clubhouse in Bradenton, Florida at McKechnie Field. As his time as owner, the Pirates have always relied on the youthful players. Under his watch, Andrew McCutchen, Neil Walker, Starling Marte, Gerrit Cole, Gregory Polanco, and many others have come to the forefront of the organization as young and promising players. He is willing to let the youth guide the team and let the youth be the best they can be. Just look at this season.

With John Jaso struggling mightily at first base, did the Pirates call up Josh Bell? Of course not. Nutting wanted to make sure Josh Bell, a top 100 prospect, was 100 percent ready. The Pirates wanted to make sure he was prepared for now, and more importantly, the future. Also, in the last five or so years the Pirates minor league system has been ranked as one of the best in the Major Leagues. Another example of Nutting willing to invest in one of the nations greatest resources, the youth.

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Meant to Be

Bob Nutting would make a great president because he knows how to limit spending and create a surplus. He is also willing to help older Americans, would pay back the debt, welcoming of all, and he’s also willing to invest in the future of the nation. Oh, and he denounced ISIS. As the GOP has demonstrated, anybody who got their money and business from his father, and one who makes promises he has no intention on keeping, can be a presidential candidate. For these reasons, Bob Nutting can lead America into a promising future. He has already “Made Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Great Again” and he can do the same for this country. So go out and vote for future president, Robert Nutting.